Tiger Woods will not play in Saudi Arabia at the end of January

Former world number one in golf, Tiger Woods, said Tuesday that he would not participate in the Saudi International tournament, scheduled from January 30 to February 2 in Saudi Arabia. “I just don’t want to go there,” Woods explained on ESPN. “It’s too long a journey.” Woods had already refused last year to participate in this tournament, despite an estimated $3 million (EUR 2.7 million) in a context then marked by the murder on October 2, 2018 of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. But he nevertheless defended the right of other players who would like to enter this competition, while several golfers, including Phil Mickelson, have been the subject of strong criticism on social networks after confirming their participation in the Saudi tournament. “It’s not worthy of you to accept money from a corrupt regime. Come on Phil, you’re better than that,” commented one Internet user on Twitter. To which Mickelson simply replied:”I can’t wait to play and see a country I’ve never been to”, even if”I understand those who are shocked or disappointed”. For his part, Woods said he was aware of the political issues behind such a tournament, but he also

Beginner’s golf equipment

For those who are just starting out and wondering what equipment to take to get started properly without going crazy, here is a list of ingredients to take to get started in good conditions. Essential equipment Clubs There are all kinds of clubs, so how do you know which equipment to choose to start with? Here’s my opinion: people who start an activity have the highest progression curve. As a result, equipment needs will evolve very quickly and stagnate. In other words, it is better to take a very simple half-series at the start and gradually build up a precise idea of the type of golfer you are (slow or fast swing, need for distance or control, desire for a very light or heavier club). A very simple first tip is simply to go to leboncoin.fr to find a half series of second-hand cars that will be perfect for your first needs. On the other hand, from my point of view, here are the mandatory clubs to have when you start: – Putter (To put the ball in the hole) – Sandwedge (To get out of sand bunkers or make a lobed approach) – Pitch Wedge (For